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We're writing it the Forest World and reading it the New World.The Ecosystem Simultion Game "Forevolution" has been upgraded, and is coming to Android !
The only thing you can do as a God is to 【Thin Out】the world.
○The food-chain game with a lot of strange and cute creatures !
○Simple control with only tap commands !
○Answer the appearance requirements of various plant creatures to complete your book!
○Including the familiar professor Sakamoto's original song in 8bit sounds !
Obey to the food chain of creatures which live in the Forest World and breed them.
Kill them in "Puchi-puchi" way to adjust the ecosystem's balance.
Dead plant creatures would become nourishment and be absorbed by other species and eggs, and a new life will be born.
Prepare yourself before "Machines" will come soon to destroy the ecosystem.
●About game modes
・Challenge Mode
At the beginning, few missions about the breeding of plant creatures.
And after the middle stage, missions about fighting the "Machine" invaders. Including 50 stages at all.
・Campaign Mode
Hard difficulty missions where you'll have to fight Machine Bosses like Awful Tower.
・Free Mode
An useful mode to experiment breeding method, or practice the creation of subspecies to complete your Book.